Recreating Karl Moon's Last of His People with Rafael Canizares-Yunez    Photo by Randall Derrick ©2015

Catalyst as a Driving Force in Perjury of Time

by Rafael Canizares-Yunez

          Fun, exciting, challenging, educational, memorable … These are some of the adjectives that come to mind when looking back at the production period for Perjury of Time.

One of the most striking aspects of this experience was the level and atmosphere of camaraderie that cast and crew shared.  This was due, in great part, to the spirit of collaboration and equality that Randall, Independent Filmmaker and Director, was able to infuse the coalition he put together with.

In addition, Randall also brought a contagious level of excitement and enthusiasm for the historical events that inspired the film.  He freely and generously shared facts about the history and sites central to the story.  The film offered a great opportunity to experience Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument, Lake Meredith National Recreation Area and Wildcat Bluff Nature Center through the eyes of a historian.

There were challenges too, especially considering the film was made on a shoestring budget and under time constraints.  This became really real while shooting the chase scene, when one of the shoes lost its sole, several times.  Improvised and repeated mending with makeshift tools allowed for the completion of the scene.

Of course, mosquitos were eager to feast on us.  They seemed and felt really hungry in the middle of the summer.  The rattlesnakes were happy to chyme their warning song during the shooting of one of the scenes down in the canyon at Alibates.  They too are part of the memorable moments of this production, alongside the cold of winter, coffee, jokes, laughter, and hard work.

Thank you Randall and team for an unforgettable experience.

Catalyst as Main Character in Perjury of Time
by Randall Derrick

          Some people call it chemistry when referring to how closely people can work together and be productive. I prefer the term “catalyst” when I think of Rafael Canizares-Yunez and that word contains several other requirements that probably include the characteristics of chemistry. Leadership, charisma, knowledge, experience, and being civil and easy to work with are some of the requirements of a lead actor. One of the hardest challenges of acting in a film are willingness to work with the directors vision of the final result and with a lot of independent artists, that can be tough.

Everyone either can't or won’t make that adjustment. Don’t, however, think it’s all for the actions of one actor that the importance of a catalyst shows its value. With other actors on the set, crew in close contact with the scene the characteristics of experience, leadership and sincerity play a new role and thats raising the level of energy of everyone in proximity to a point where nothing else is required to make each scene work.

Rafael was experienced in theater and other pressures of being a Master of Fine Arts (in Pottery) so the countless takes, fourteen-hour days, pesky insects and costume failures and repairs were just simple challenges that had to be met to reach the end result.

However contradictory the violent story and required actions were to his fundamental character he played each scene like they were real and aside from the work he was able to entertain and turn the project into a form of recreation that smoothed out any wrinkles others might encounter. He coached the other actors with a sincerity only found in the best acting schools and wasn’t selfish and arrogant about giving something to everyone around him.
Thank you Rafael Canizares.

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